Chairman's Message

Abdul Ghani Al Douri

Our top priority at Al Douri Group is to provide the best and highest quality products to our customers. To begin a successful journey, we must always be prepared, be far-sighted, and follow a well-thought-out strategy, which are the same factors that have led us to grow, expand, and provide the best.

Our journey began in 1979. I still remember the beginning of my work in just one office in Dubai as if it were yesterday! I tried to follow in the footsteps of my father and mentor, Omar Al-Douri, who created a family food manufacturing business decades ago, when he started a small nut and coffee roasting company in Syria. My first step in establishing and expanding Al Douri Group was learning the “trade secret” or our family’s techniques for achieving the best roasting process. During our journey towards excellence, we faced many challenges, but we were always capable and competent to overcome them. Al Douri Group has evolved significantly over the past 40 years. We are committed to quality and to our continued investment in modern technologies. We continue to look to the future and have the key success factors needed to withstand the winds of change. Today, the group is expanding into international markets with a clear vision and a dynamic work team.