About Us

Al Douri Group is a private, family-run company located in the United Arab Emirates. Al Douri Group was established in 1979 as a pioneering company in the field of food services in the Arabian Gulf region, with a rich heritage extending back two centuries, and distinguished experience developed over four generations of family management with extensive experience. 

We offer consumers a wide range of high-value products, which we manufacture and process in our facilities in Dubai and Sharjah. We take into account the importance of competitive prices, which allow retailers to increase their profits, and we are always looking for the most innovative products. Al Douri Group consists of highly qualified employees with great experience and skills that contribute to customer satisfaction and provide them with the best experience. Retailers, wholesalers and distributors make up a large portion of our customers. All of our products are halal.

Since the founding of Al Douri Group in 1979, the company has succeeded in diversifying and increasing its products to reach 1,000 varieties. Due to the company's strict approach to adhering to the highest quality standards, Al Douri Group has been honoured in several local and international forums, such as the European International Quality Award, which was received in Paris, France. Al Douri’s premium quality coffee recently won the “Great Taste 2021” award from the International Institute of Taste and Quality in Brussels, Belgium. 

Our Heritage

Al-Douri Group is one of the institutions that keep pace with the approach of modernity and technological development while preserving its identity and its ancient history, which dates back to the eighteenth century. The inspiring story of Al-Douri began in the United Arab Emirates in 1979 with the establishment of Al-Douri Company and Factory for Foodstuff Trading. Al Douri Group's first retail store was established in 1986 under the name Al Douri Roastery. After that in 2006, Al Douri Mart Roastery and Supermarket was established. In 2011, Al-Douri Group witnessed a major shift when it opened its fully automated factory equipped with the latest machines and modern technology. In 2016, Al Douri factory in Dubai obtained HACCP and ISO 22000:2005 quality certifications.

Our Brands

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