• 3rd September 2017

Created in 1964 in Paris, over the years SIAL PARIS has become the world benchmark for players in the food, retail and hospitality sectors. It is a global showcase that brings the key producers and buyers together with a focus on the world’s major challenges. Acting as global business hub, it provides an excellent ROI with nearly 6 additional months’ turnover, top quality buyers and a unique real life “market test” opportunity.

This exhibition is rich with impressive history where the Food industry is the 1st industrial sector in France and here is some of the key facts:

  • Food exports have grown by 60% since 2009
  • The surplus in food trades is driven by wine & spirits sector, dairy products and cereals
  • An industry of SMEs (11,852 companies / 97% SMEs)
  • The Grand Ouest accounts for 20% of the nation’s total agribusiness turnover (10% of food companies)
  • Food accounts for 10% of household budgets

European Union:

  • EU: 507 million inhabitants, just behind China and India
  • +2.1% expected GDP growth in 2016 in Europe
  • EU top player in the global food market, worth €1,000 billion
  • 4 categories dominate export turnover: meat, dairy products, beverages and grocery products

A panorama dominated by SMEs (99% in number/50% in turnover)

Our participation in SIAL extends our reach to another European market where there is strong acceptance of our products line.