Al Douri factories are top of the line facilities where quality, turnaround time, and health and safety are the utmost priority. Using the latest machines and techniques allows Al Douri to produce the finest products on the market.

Our Manufacturing Division is:

Al Douri Food Industries Coffee & Nuts (DIP2) ISO CERTIFICATE

Al Douri Coffee

Coffee is one of the most important products that Al Douri produces due to its high demand. The roasting process consists of a special set of traditional steps, giving it superior flavor and quality, rendering it one of the best in the market.

Quality control

Quality control is important at all stages of the process to create a good cup of coffee; from harvesting and processing coffee, right through to when the coffee is roasted.

In line color and moisture measurement and online bulk density measurement are two important tools for quality control used in roasting coffee.

Before roasting, green coffee undergoes several controls to check the quality, condition and purity of the beans.


Sorting is done by size and weight, and beans are also reviewed for color flaws or other imperfections. Any deformities in the beans are removed from the batch.

Beans are sized by being passed through a series of screens. They are also sorted pneumatically by using an air jet to separate heavy from light beans.


This process transforms green coffee into the aromatic brown beans we all know and love! The beans are kept moving throughout the entire process to keep them from burning- key to a perfect brew!


The final stage of this journey is to carefully grind the beans, using well maintained machines. Great care is taken too, as it’s an important step to achieving the perfect cup.

Al Douri Nuts

Alongside coffee, Al Douri prides themselves on the quality nuts they produce; which have a special taste that can make all the difference. It all comes down to the way they are prepared, three key testing stages, moisture test, nuts count test and nuts turn-out. Then on to the ‘scientific’ stage, cleaning, roasting cooling, shelling, drying, peeling and hygiene practices. Finally we move to the customizable packing stage where we consider, size, shape, color, count and vacuum packing.

Chocolate & Malban (Delight)  Factory

The delicious chocolate Celine provides comes in a wide variety with different shapes and sizes, from dark to light. The taste of the chocolate is controlled by the concentration of raw cocoa, quality of ingredients  and additives that are used, which in Al Douri’s case, are of the highest standard.

Malban (delight)

Malban is a  delicious kind of candy which has an appealing shape, which is then covered in  powdered sugar, combined with fruits and nuts, finished off with flavored flower essences.

Al Aries Sweets (Sharjah)

Al Aries Sweets are a  traditional dessert that is always been a favourite of the company. A delightful treat consisting of flour, dates, honey, and dairy products.