Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s message:

As a diversified food produce company, we play an active role in the food industry, setting the standard for the products (consumable and packaging) we produce. We are passionate and confident in knowing that we deliver quality, and create long lasting memorable bonds with all our clients, sponsors and customers.

No matter what field we are working in we strive to ensure that Al Douri takes a balanced approach towards all our partners, gifting added value through modern market research and local knowledge. We also consider how we impact the environment, community and the people who live in close proximity, by implementing a wide variety of corporate and social initiatives.

We are proud of our family owned business, with our roots  firmly embedded, we maintain our traditions and morals. Our goal is to remain at the top of the food industry, striving to improve and set the bar year after year, creating a better, more healthy lifestyle for the environment and customers.

Looking back at our accomplishments, we take great pride and use this knowledge to aid us in a bright, fruitful future with continued success shoulder to shoulder with our partners.

Name: Abdul Ghani Omar AlDouri
Chairman, Al Douri Group.