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Al douri Product

Al Douri supplies and produces a wide variety consumables. Some of our best and well known products are nuts, coffee, cardamom, herbs & spices, beans, dairy, olives & olive oil, rice, canned items, condiments & sauces, honey, chocolates, and Arabic sweets, to name a few, and all are characterized by the best quality and hygiene.

We at Al Douri Group strive to deliver food products where our consumers can truly enjoy the great taste without comprising the freshness and nutritional value. All that we create is tuned to ensure consumer satisfaction, with focus on quality as a differentiator in our products. We combine generations of practical experience in food manufacturing with a continuous flow of new knowledge and innovation. The constant stream of premium quality food products we deliver is founded in our past and created in the present to assure our future.

Private Label:

Al Douri Manufacturing works closely with its customers to develop unique private label programs by meticulously considering the clients needs, vision and real time market trends. We tailor everything to customer specification: product, line, packaging, labeling, size, certification, it’s all at your fingertips.

Distributed Brands:

The sales and distribution network of Al Douri is growing fast, and we are able to reach a huge number of global customers thanks to its UAE location which is a massive trade hub. This growth has lead to more and more well-known brands in the market deciding to cooperate with Al Douri.